Communities keep us alive

We evolved as humans to need communities for our physical, emotional, and mental health. You celebrate momentous occasions with your community and rely on it for support in times of grief and tragedy. The survival of not just individuals but entire groups of people depends on how communities respond to them.

Technology has allowed our awareness of life-or-death issues affecting those beyond our communities to increase, but it has also eased along the collapse of traditional communities that could help with these same issues.

Who, then, can we rely on to help us solve these pressing concerns? Governments are unwieldy and slow to respond; often their solutions are simplistic and insufficient. Corporations may provide assistance, but they are mostly motivated by profit, not altruism. Churches may succeed with local projects but have limited reach and influence. There are a multitude of charities and NGOs for almost every issue, but many use aid models and development ideology that are outdated and inefficient, exacerbating the problems that they claim to address. Many of these organizations
also suffer from lack of transparency and are entangled in webs of connections to self-interested parties who may hamper their efforts to resolve issues.

Most importantly, these organizations don’t fully harness the power of communities through technology. Communities let people come together and pool their expertise and resources, thus creating real, effective change, and at Waryer, we dream of the day when an empowered group of people and organizations—a true global
community—can positively improve the social, economic, and political fabric of society as a whole.


WARYER is a social catalyst movement for change that fosters and applies true cooperation. We empower people and organizations to speak up about the issues affecting them and their communities. In turn, we amplify their voices to reach like-minded individuals and facilitate meaningful collaborative solutions. They put out these request to our ecosystem of donors who respond accordingly to their needs. All in complete transparency and accountability in the fastest way


Woord provides tools for communities to form and act through social media and real life. We enable people to raise their voices about issues that they see around them, and then we amplify these voices and connect like-minded people to collaborate on
local and global solutions.

On our platform, community members can upload information information in what they are doing and the specific help they need as well as the number of people affected. The greater the numbers the better. We vet donors and local organisations
on the ground. Throughout it all, Wayer will be there to provide guidance, data, and insights to
ensure that our community receives a bounty of support for their initiatives. We use cutting edge technology to see where the help is to show accountability and transparency all done in real time.

Waryer also provides a unique tool that allows accrued knowledge and experience to be both preserved and to further evolve. We bundle all the data from previous cases—from first-person narratives to learned information and processes—and format it into an easily-understood and educational case studies to enhance the
responses and solutions for future issues.
These cases can also be provided to companies and organizations who need real, tested insights to help them determine a clearer and more efficient direction for their charitable or social investments.


Waryer is a social catalyst for movement that will fundamentally change in how we mend global issues, from being controlled by a few to being solved by many, owned by everyone and controlled and distorted by no one.

With your help, we can fundamentally change how we address global issues.

The many will solve what the few want to control